Friday, May 22, 2009

Our First Days in Colorado, May, 2009

So we left Amarillo May 21, 2009, and headed for the mountains of Colorado. We drove away from Amarillo with a boat in tow and 4 very excited people! Raton Pass was "interesting" towing a boat. And the closer we got, the COLDER it got! It's May, and we are looking at snow on the ground!
We arrived at our new and very empty home, took a tour and let the boys pick their bedrooms. We turned on the heat, parked the boat and headed to Ft. Carson to stay in the lodging area. It was VERY nice. Kiki Kane, our dearest friend, now living in Colorado, picked up the boys the next morning and took them home with her for 2 days so we could unpack. BLESS HER! Fast forward to unpacking alot of boxes, falling exhausted into bed, scoring BIG TIME on CRAIGS LISTon a $200.00 set of barely used washer and dryer set (including delivery to our house!!) , and bringing the boys back home to their comfy beds!
Not many pictures to go with this big story. Just a few of our first beautiful views from our neighborhood. We wake up to Cheyenne Mountain everyday! Hello, Colorado Springs!

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