Sunday, June 26, 2005

Father's Day- Desoto Park in Alabama

let's go swimming !

let's go swimming !
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David loves to swim ! He is a fishy, just like his mommy. He likes to ride in his boat, throw things in the water, splash splash splash, kick kick kick, and he even jumps from the side to mom and dad! We go swimming alot. Dad even takes David swimming after work while Mom is still working ! If you come visit us, you have to bring your swimming suit !

Saturday, June 25, 2005


Part of Matt's gift for Father's Day was a pair of tickets to the Braves vs Orioles game on Sat. June 25th. It was David's first baseball game. He did super and was definitely the hit of the crowd. He looked awesome in his Braves ballcap and people loved our backpack carrier! He even "danced" with the powerpuff girls and then took a nap thru the first 2 innings. He ate chips, ice cream and got dirty, just like you should at your first baseball game.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

The day after my birthday was fun too!

I felt much better after my party. I ate chocolate cake, rode in my wagon to the park, and even got on the swing!


Grammie gave me this super cool red wagon! I absolutely LOVE riding in it. It has room for my friend, Ernie. It has juice cup holders and it even has seatbelts! I have been riding in it almost every day! Thanks Gram!


David's 1st birthday party was on Saturday, June 11th. We originally planned an ice cream party, but we got rained out. It turned out even better, as we celebrated at home with cake, ice cream, cupcakes, popcicles, soda, and other goodies. Amy, David's sitter, and her family came. So did Mom's friend, Laura, and her 2 kids, Grandpa Dave and Grandma Judy,and mom's other friend, Laura and her family. David wasn't sure about eating his cake. He did enjoy playing with all the other kids and playing with his new toys. Pretty good for a kid that was sick! Thanks to all for making it such a great party!

June 10, 2005. David's 1st Birthday

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Our precious boy had his 1st birthday. What an incredible year. I took these pictures of him to remember this day. He was so wonderful, even though he was pretty sick with an upper respiratory infection and having to take antibiotics. David is playing the the Lincoln Logs that Uncle Matt, Aunt Sally, and Francis sent. He wanted to play in the big pool the Uncle Jeff, Aunt Denise, Joey and Jackie sent, but Mommy hadn't blown it up yet ! Thank you to everyone for all the wonderful gifts! Don't forget to look at the pictures of David's birthday party!


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We went to the park to play. It was VERY HOT ! David played on the equipment that is special for "little" guys his age. It was too hot to go down the slide, so we are going to go back! His favorite thing to do was play in the fountain with dad! The cold water felt great !

A Day At The Atlanta Zoo !

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David, Dad and Mom took their first trip to the Atlanta Zoo ! Fun was had by all! David rode on the merry go round, pet a billy goat, made faces at the gorillas and panda bears, and growled at the tigers. His favorites were the turtles and snakes! YUCKIE ! He growled and clapped and laughed! We plan on going again!

Faces of David

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David's 1st trip to the UK was amazing! He had such a great time! The trip to Ireland was incredible, too! Here are some "David expressions" that we think are telling of how he feels about the trip!


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In England, it is cool to visit different pubs. Here are a few photos of some of the pubs we visited. David had lots of fun trying to get in Poppy's pint!

BBQ with Matt

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Matt used the gas grill and made a delicious meal ! Prime rib was the ultimate best !

Aunt Ju Ju and David in the Garden

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David LOVES his Aunt Ju Ju. She played with him in the garden and he loved every minute of it. Thank you, Aunt Ju Ju, for being such a great Aunt! David loves you!

Fun With Grandma and Poppy!

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David had so much fun in England with Grandma Bitsy and Poppy ! Going to Bath, playing in the garden, spending the whole day just having fun! Thank you Grandma Bitsy and Poppy for such a great time!

Grandpa Dave and Grandma Judy

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Grandpa Dave and Grandma Judy met us in Helen, Georgia the day after we returned from England. They were sitting their "grandpuppies", Herbie and Molly. We went to pick up the dogs and have lunch. What a great time!

Uncle Ben and Jo

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This is David's Uncle Ben and Jo. They are super cool and fun!


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Here are pictures of us in Bath, UK. This is where the Roman's used to bathe. It is a very historical site! We had fun!

Uncle Barry is so much fun !

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Friday, June 10, 2005

David, Dad and Mom

David, Dad and Mom
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Here are some fun pics of us in Bath, and various places. We didn't get too many family pics because one of us was usually taking the picture ! You can see that David has multiple modes of transportation. He likes the backpack the best!

Fun Photos

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Here are sever fun pics, Grandma, Poppy
Aunt Ju Ju, Hazel,Jen and Matt, and our new friends, Charlie and Harry !

What? Matt and Jennie alone? Without David?

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Here are some pics of Matt and Jennie, out on the town in London. David stayed home with Grandma and Poppy and Aunt Ju Ju. Mom and Dad called SEVERAL times to check on little buddy, only to find out that he was perfectly fine. We had a great time, but were glad to get back to David too!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

David's Garden Discoveries

So much fun in the garden! David spent about an hour digging, picking, smelling and learning about all the fun there is in the outside!

The Guiness Museum in Ireland

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We went to the Guiness museum. It was fun! We drank a true Guiness beer in the "gravity bar" at the very top, overlooking Dublin. David had fun on the train and around the barrels. Dublin is so much fun!

Ireland Trip

Ireland Trip
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Here are some pictures of us in Ireland. Our super duper friend, Margaret, gave us a world class tour! David loves his "Auntie Barbie"! Thanks to you, Margaret! We had a wonderful time!


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David's toes touch the Irish Sea