Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday, David Joseph!

David's 5th birthday was celebrated in Amarillo. We had such a fun day! The whole family met at Amarillo Go-Kart Raceway - Miniature Golf Course for some super duper fun. Gerianne and John Paul came from Lubbock! We played arcade games and then everyone got golf balls and clubs and headed to the miniature golf course. We had a great game! Of course, it is June in Texas. It was SOOOO HOT outside! We didn't want to stay out in the heat a second longer, so we went to Furrs Cafeteria Buffet and we all had a great meal, had cake and ice cream, opened up presents, and headed back to the go kart/ golf place for some fun! Gerianne and John Paul had to drive back to Lubbock. Joey was finally off of work, so he came to join in the fun. Batting cages, arcade games and the whole family taking turns on the go karts. What a great birthday! We stayed until 9:00 at night! Thanks to O'Jeff and his family, O'Matt and his family, Grammie, Gerianne and John Paul, and Aunt Terri, for making David's 5th birthday a great one! Happy Birthday, precious David. We love you !

Friday, June 05, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday, Zachary John

Zachary John Olson. Birthday number 2. Happy Birthday, big boy!
We travelled back to Amarillo so we could celebrate both of the boys birthdays.
Zachy's birthday was celebrated at Grammie's house with a Thomas the Tank Engine theme. We had a big cookout on the grill and then we ate yummy cupcakes and had a grand time!!! O'Jeff and O'Denise, Joey and Jacki, O'Matt, Aunt Sally, Francis, George and Sam, Aunt Terri, Grammie, David and Mommy and Daddy helped celebrate this wonderful occassion! There were balloons, toys, cards and lots of giggles, kisses and fun. Happy Birthday, precious Zachary. We all love you so very much!