Thursday, July 31, 2008

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Off on vacation! Grammie went with us to Albuquerque and we had so much fun. Daddy drove us to Albuquerque on Monday evening. We checked in at our hotel and then off to find the Tingley Beach. This was our main reason for going! A stocked trout pond, a kids fishing area and well, fishing, fishing and more fishing. Zachy and Grammie checked out the ducks and geese as Dad and David surveyed the area for the following day of fishing. Early in the morning, Dad would "check out" the pond and come back to the hotel with reports. We had a great time relaxing, trying out the yummy New Mexico cuisine, and of course, visiting the beautiful aquarium, botanical gardens and the zoo. Zach "oooh'd and ahhhhh'd" at all the animals and David got to hand feed some beautiful birds. And we can forget to mention that David was the ONLY one to catch a trout at the pond. Check out for more details! What a fun time in Albuquerque! Just a little side note: Having grown up with a mom that was also a teacher, we frequently had "spelling" contests and such in the car on our travels. Many, many years ago on a trip to New Mexico, mom decided that we needed to learn to spell Albuquerque. It was a doozy, but A-L-B-U-Q-U-E-R-Q-U-E. There you have it. I've never forgotten how to spell it. Thanks Mom.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Zach and Grammie

Zach and Grammie
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Zachy and Grammie had some special times while we were in Amarillo. They became great buddies. Grammie showed Zach the big back yard and all the pretty birds through the large glass window in the living room. Zach and Grammie spent alot of time "talking" about their discoveries. Fun times for Zachary and Gram.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Incredibly Handsome Boys

Just a few pictures here of our handsome boys in their tuxedos for Gerianne's wedding. Have you ever seen 2 more beautiful boys? Love these guys. You can look forward to more "formal wear" pictures when the wedding pics arrive! Handsome, handsome, handsome.

Wedding Day ! July 25, 2008. Hours before the wedding!

The day has arrived! As you can see, the bride is serious in thought, and very happy that the day is progressing so well! The morning started off early with a bunch of early morning errands. Final tux fitting for JP, groomsmen and Mr. David Olson. Libby and company were up ridiculosly early working diligently to making the auditorium look FABULOUS ! Off to the "beauty parlor" for some beautifying. On went the vail along with lots of pins, hairspray and of course, backcombing for poofs. Then off to MAC cosmetics for a few pretty touches for an already stunning bride. Little Zachy had fun watching and dancing to the cool music at the MAC counter. Just a note here, David decided at the pre wedding pictures that he would like to take pictures himself. So all the last 13 pictures are courtesy of David. Pretty good job there little man! What a beautiful bride!!!! Can't wait to see the full set of actual wedding pics!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Pre Wedding Activities

With the wedding day approaching, we traveled to Lubbock, TX with anticipation. We had so much fun staying with Gerianne in her apartment and enjoyed hanging out with John Paul and even Cooper Tucker and Ceasar ( all puppies :)

Multiple trips to Sonic and Taco Villa were perfect beginnings and endings to a day. And hanging out in the freezing cold pool was fun for David........cold for Matt. HA.

We had David's tux fitted and man, what a handsom dude!. We got a tux for Zachy and WOW, lookin' great ! We had massages and facials and had a fun meal with family and friends.

What pre wedding fun!

Friday, July 04, 2008

July 4, 2008

July 4, 2008
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OK, better late than never. July 4th, 2008. Mommy went to work for 8 hours and then home for fun. It was a cloudy day with rain in the forecast. Our neighbors down the street invited us to a BBQ, kids bike race and water balloon fight. Of course, David LOVED the water balloons. And during a brief downpour of rain, we filled up all the balloons we had a home for round 2. We had yummy snacks and lots of fun and daddy had to go get the car to drive us up the street as the rain was coming down in sheets an the sky was turning black. Zachy loved all the attention and David rode his bike around in circles. We ended the night with a few sparkly fire crackers (not sparklers- mom's rule), some smoke bombs and some black snakes. Nothing fancy. But fun for all. Zachy went to sleep and David, Dad and Mom sat on the front porch and watched beautiful fireworks. What a great day.