Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Royal Gorge

The Royal Gorge
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Canon City, Colorado. Grandpa Joe's birthplace. I (Jennie) have many fond memories of this place. And I've heard many stories about Canon City.....
The Royal Gorge. HUGE suspension bridge that is built over the Arkansas River. That alone makes me nervous. Though I used to not give a second thought about heights, now, I truely can't stand them. And thinking of taking my precious children over that bridge makes my stomach flop! But we CANNOT live in Colorado without seeing the Royal Gorge.
As you can see in the pictures, a storm was slowly headed in. It was a beautiful site. Though I literally wanted to scream and protest, we DROVE OUR CAR across AND back over the bridge. I don't know that I will EVER do that again. And yes, my sweet David even made fun of me for crying a little! HA! After I calmed my nerves and dried my tears, we rode the enclosed tram down to the bottom next to the river. We saw a train, rapid flowing waters and beautiful little hummingbirds. We WILL be purchasing a feeder for our home for those little birds......We rode a little train and we ate ice cream out on the deck until we were pushed inside by the storm. And of course, we blew some bucks in the gift shop. At least now when I say, "no, we will get it next time we come," I won't be lying! HA! Again, many memories for me. Now, Iwe can make new ones that I hope the kids will remember fondly someday....

Friday, May 29, 2009

Sportsmans Authority

Of course, we couldn't come to Colorado without finding a new sporting goods store. Sportsmans Authority. They list all the fishing areas! The boys are hooked. And they love the small little kiddie sized shopping carts.....The giant stuffed bear is cool too! What about the mama? The apparel is good for girls! Hey, I'm in!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

It is wonderful to live 10 minutes from the zoo!! Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is amazingly placed on the side of the mountain! We saw sign after sign about the zoo and the boys couldn't stand it any longer. We put on sunscreen, packed the backpack and headed for the hills to the zoo. We even purchased a year long membership at a military rate. So come see us and we will take you to the zoo! You can even feed the giraffes!
Here are ALOT of cool animal pics. To name a few animals we saw : meerkats, elephants, bears,giraffes, alligators, lions, tigers, bald eagles, kangaroos. peacocks, hundreds of birds and even giant dung beatles !!! Oh, and the view from the zoo is incredible!
We are loving Colorado Springs!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Our First Days in Colorado, May, 2009

So we left Amarillo May 21, 2009, and headed for the mountains of Colorado. We drove away from Amarillo with a boat in tow and 4 very excited people! Raton Pass was "interesting" towing a boat. And the closer we got, the COLDER it got! It's May, and we are looking at snow on the ground!
We arrived at our new and very empty home, took a tour and let the boys pick their bedrooms. We turned on the heat, parked the boat and headed to Ft. Carson to stay in the lodging area. It was VERY nice. Kiki Kane, our dearest friend, now living in Colorado, picked up the boys the next morning and took them home with her for 2 days so we could unpack. BLESS HER! Fast forward to unpacking alot of boxes, falling exhausted into bed, scoring BIG TIME on CRAIGS LISTon a $200.00 set of barely used washer and dryer set (including delivery to our house!!) , and bringing the boys back home to their comfy beds!
Not many pictures to go with this big story. Just a few of our first beautiful views from our neighborhood. We wake up to Cheyenne Mountain everyday! Hello, Colorado Springs!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Amarillo, Family, Friends and Fun

We are sooo happy to be in Amarillo! Finally, some rest. We had a great trip and are so happy to be here with family and friends. We are at Grammie's house and we are so happy to be with cousins, uncles and aunts and friends. And we have met our new nephew/ cousin, baby Sam! And we LOVE him. Chuck Cheese and Jump N Jive are just 2 of the activities we have done. We love Amarillo!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Wonderland Amusement Park

Can't go to Amarillo without some serious fun at Wonderland . David is so excited that he has hit the 42 inch mark. That means more rides! We had an absolute blast at Wonderland. Jacki, Uncle Matt and Aunt Sally, Francis and George all went with us! What a great time! David had serious fun on the bumper cars and Zach tore it up on the boats! We even got on a few scary rides! Yippie!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Headed to Texas!

Headed to Texas!
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After visiting Jennie's Uncle Larry and Aunt Libby in Memphis and then eating Memphis BBQ, we headed towards Oklahoma! We spent the night in a hotel and got up ready to see that Texas state line. Along the way we saw Alan Jackson's tour buses and trucks, some cool wind energy generators and of course, the BIG TEXAN! We were so happy to see the Texas State line and then the familiar sites of Amarillo! YAY! We are tired but happy!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Nashville Tennessee

We have been driving and driving. We needed a break. Something fun. Nashville sounded fun! We called Uncle Jeff and asked him if he new anything fun to do in Nashville. Of course he did! He directed us to an awesome restaurant called The Aquarium. FISH FISH FISH! Now that is right up our alley! We saw everything from sharks and stingrays to schools of fish and even Dory from Finding Nemo! After a great meal, we went to the indoor stingray petting place and rode a carousel, looked at poison dart frogs and pirranahs, and watched David scream with delight when he fed a stingray! We took a quick walk around the front of the Grand Ole' Opry then headed out for a couple more hours of driving. Thanks Uncle Jeff! Nashville is fun!

Mothers Day 2009

Mothers Day 2009
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We are in Virginia at the state line. Today is Mothers Day. I woke up to the sweetest 2 boys. Happy faces though they have been completely uprooted. Precious. What a great Mom's Day this is.......

Saturday, May 09, 2009

On the road again!

Here we go! We are on the road to Colorado! It took us a while to get all packed up from the hotel, so we have made it to the Virginia state line for tonight. Here are just a few fun pics of Zachy on a motorcycle and the boys at a rest area. We're actually doing this!!!

Friday, May 08, 2009

Last Day at Gymnastics

David started gymnastics about a year ago. He loved the gym he was at, but need more of a challenge. So we moved to a new gym. Little did we know it was the national training center for Northern Virginia! Capital Gymnastics. It was a scary place at first. LOTS of people! But in the end, it has become a place we will treasure. David has excelled in gymnastics with his 2 coaches, Ms. Carolyn and Mr. Carlos. And we all have made life long friends. Here are a few pics of the last day with our buddies. Thank you to you all. We love you.

The Moving Truck is Here

Well, here we go. The moving truck showed up this morning. We are now staying in a hotel and we are having mixed emotions. We are saying goodbye to our second house here in Fairfax. The "Swann House", as we call it. (The owners last name is Swann). And we are excited about the move to Colorado. We are dreading the long drive, but anticipating fun activities along the way. We are saying goodbye to friends, and looking forward to making new ones. Here are a few pictures of the boys in the hotel, and of our friends from the neighborhood . And here is Zach and David on our last bike ride around the block......mixed emotions indeed....

Friday, May 01, 2009

All Clear at the Dentist

Thanks to our dentist in Fairfax! We made our last visit, and David got an "all clear"! No cavities! YIPPEE. Zachy decided to have a go in the chair . It was fun going up and down, but he sure didn't want to have his teeth checked ! HA ! Way to go guys!