Thursday, August 28, 2008

Rainy Day Fun

Rainy Day Fun
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We woke up this morning to a downpour of rain! Yippee! Our grass was prematurely turning yellow and crunchy. YUCK. When David realized there were large puddles outside, he ate his breakfast in record time, ripped his jammies off, dressed himself and put on his rubber boots and new awesome raincoat and ran out the door. Of course, Zachy was out the door behind big brother. It was so wet, David even got his snow shovel to scoop up the puddles! Zachy drew scribbles on the porch with chalk and had fun watching David play. David helped Zachy be careful on the steps and showed him the pretty flowers. What a great morning. Rainy days are lots of fun!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Olson Fishing Weekend in West Virginia

We decided to venture in a different direction this last weekend. Our trips usually take us to Pennsylvania, but we just wanted to see something different. And boy, did we! Not that PA is not a beautiful state, but West Virginia is awesome! A 3 day weekend for Matt enabled us to leave early on Friday and arrive at a beautiful cabin. It was way too big for the 4 of us, but it was the only one they had! It was beautiful and had all the luxuries of home. A washer and dryer, heart shaped whirlpool bathtub, a relaxing hot tub outside under the stars and beautiful floor to ceiling windows in the front to see the beautiful view. Let's not forget the trout stream practically in the front yard!
Our first evening was fishing, exploring, dinner, a bubbly bath for Zachy and David in the giant tub, and a relaxing time in the hot tub for Mom and Dad. The only downer was Mom getting pulled over by a policeman on the way back from dinner. Speeding.....bummer. But he got one look at the sweet, beautiful boys in the back seat watching a movie, and could only issue a warning. WHEW !!!!!
Saturday included leaving our cabin and driving to a new motel that had a great little home cooking type restaurant. Best bowl of slow cooked green beans we have ever had. Then a quick nap followed by a drive over to the Cass Scenic Railroad! We road an old steam engine train. The "Fiddles and Viddles" ride. Up the mountain to a great buffet dinner, some bluegrass tunes and some great exploring by David and Zachy. Back down the mountain to the hotel in time for Zachy to have a bath before bed and for David to catch a cute little frog. Sunday was breakfast and a ride up the mountains to a remote little place to catch big ole trout. Three, to be exact. One was 20 inches long! Mom even tried a little fly fishing! Zachy said, ' -ish ! -ish!" Loves those fish! David was a great fisherman and Daddy did the hard work. An ice cooler and some ice and off for home with 3 "ish"! We finished the day with the all American dinner at Shoneys. We were tired but happy and glad that we have discovered alot of fun in West Virginia! Wow! What a fun filled weekend!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Return of the Tabby

Our estranged cat Morris has returned home after well over a year's absence. He has been roughing it in the wilds of Kings Park West like a feline version of Eric Rudolph: living off the land and avoiding the man. Morris’s first order of business upon return was peeing in Herbie and Mollie’s dog food. While he could have been confused having been away from a litter box for so long, it was clearly a political statement. Given his experiences with the beagles it is understandable. We are happy have Morris back, but we are not sure how long this will last.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Silly times at Grammies

It is impossible to list all the fun and silliness that went on at Grammie's during our vacation. There were laughs and giggles galore with Uncle Matt, Aunt Sally, George, Francis, Uncle Jeff, Aunt Denise, Joey and Jackie along with Grammie, Aunt Terri, Matt, Jennie and of course, the kings of giggles- The Olson Brothers- David and Zach. There were 2 trips to Wonderland Amusement park, a visit to the Discovery Center where there was a "body noises" display that burped and "passed gas" and where there were giant bubble making machines. We hung out at Uncle Hunkies and Aunt Jerry's, jumped on the trampoline, got pushed in the walker by Gram and Jerry , told fishing stories to Hunkie and got to see his collection of rattlesnake rattles. We went swimming in Aunt Terri's pool, took trips to the park to play on the new equipment, played on big wheels and scooters until dark with the neighbors grandkids, and chased down the ice cream man for a giant popcicle, Whew! Just listing all these fun things is incredible! It is easy to say, WE HAD A BLAST AT GRAMMIES !! WE LOVE TEXAS ! Thanks to everyone for making this a fun trip for us! We love you all!