Saturday, February 14, 2009

Zachy's First Haircut

Valentines Day, Feb.14th 2009.
We finally did it. We cut those precious blonde curls. Brought a little tear to our eyes, but it was a necessary thing. It was time. Zachy is so pretty! He's recently been mistaken for........well, a pretty little girl! NO ! Not our well built, masculine boy! It was time. We went to the mall and saw a cool Chinese New Year Dragon and celebration, had some Italian ice cream and went to the Cartoon Cuts haircuttery. .... He was perfect. Of course, having big brother, David, standing right next to him was most helpful. And having Dora the Explorer on the TV was kinda cool too. Not one little wiggle. Not one tear. He sat still as could be whilst the beautiful blonde lockets were cut. Sniff, sniff...... But, cutting the curls doesn't take away anything from his fun personality! He is still Zach -a-rama, Zach -a-rooskie! Go Zachy Go Zachy Go Go Go ! And he got a certificate to boot! And of course, mommy took home every precious little blonde curl to keep in a safe place. After all the Zachy trimming, David bravely sat up in the chair and got his pretty hair cut too! What a guy! Then off to Chucky Cheese's to celebrate Valentines Day! Fun was had by all! My sweet Valentine Boys.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

What? It's 65 degrees in February?

Must be a fluke. 65 degree weather in February. We took advantage of that! Zach and Dad took an early morning backpack outing with Zachy sporting his cool shades. Then the whole gang packed up and went to the park for some swinging, climbing, sliding, rock collecting and goose chasing fun. It only got a little nippy after the sun started to go down. Thanks, Mother Nature, for the bright and sunny day!