Thursday, February 16, 2006

Heartbreaker on Valentines

Having thought about the word, LOVE, and it's true meaning, we decided to show David with some of the things he truely loves. Of course, we couldn't get a picture of everything, but it's a good start. David loves Molly. His "Mol Mol". He hugs her, kisses her, sits on her, and insists on Mol Mol being close by. In turn, Molly loves Buddy just as much. He loves to wear those shades. Lookin' cool! He loves to jump, jump jump. He jumps off of furniture (yeah), he jumps to music, he just jumps. He even counts aloud. "One, Two, Three!", just before he jumps. He loves Elmo and Sesame Street. He loves books. He insists on reading books numerous times of the day, over and over again. What could be better than reading TO Elmo! He loves to play with all his great toys in his room. He loves to be silly and put things on his head. He loves teddy bears- simple as that. And, ...........he loves his Daddy. Even more, he loves watching Sesame Street or the Wiggles, while eating broccoli and corn on the cob, just hanging with Dad. LOVE. Isn't it amazing what it means to a 20 month old. ...................Happy Valentines Day from David