Wednesday, October 31, 2007

SPOOKY !! Happy Halloween 2007

Spooky ! David's new favorite word. We've had a great halloween this year. We went to our neighborhood halloween party and David, Zachy, mom and dad marched in the police escorted parade. David thought that was WAY cool. We also had our picture made with Frankenstein ! David met up with his friend and green power ranger, Matthew. Matthew's brother Tommy was looking cute as a pumpkin. And Zach was the perfect turtle. The boys went down inflatible slides, at hot dogs and chips, and played numerous games for prizes. Then, the BIG NIGHT arrived. HALLOWEEN !. The Power Rangers rode in their wagons up and down the street collecting candy after candy. And of course, keeping us safe, as Power Rangers do. And little Zachy, our precious turtle, was peacefully sleeping, missing all the fun. Oh well. He sure looked cute in his turtle outfit (thanks Aunt Denise for the costume!). See our favorite costume of the night, A TACO, and check out our spiders, 1 in the web and 1 on the roof! And see our ghost hanging in the tree and on the porch? SPOOKY !! Happy Halloween from the Olson family ! BOO ! Click on the photo for lots of cool pics ! And visit for some awesome halloween pics too !

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

BOO ! FALL Festivals.

BOO ! FALL Festivals.
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Fall in Virginia is just beautiful. The leaves are changing colors, the weather is beautiful, and there are fall festivals every weekend. Here are 2 sets of pics from 2 neighborhood festivals. One is at a nursery where you can go down slides, look in funny mirrors, stand next to SCARY guys, climb on hay bales and roll down hills in giant tubes, go on pony rides and "wobble wagon" rides and even get a "bat with stripes and sparkles, please" painted on your face. You can collect plastic spiders that are ALL OVER THE GROUND and take them home to play with in the tub, or put them on the floor to scare mommy ! There's even a tractor ride through the woods where one can see bats and witches, ghosts and gobblins! Even better, everyone gets a free pumpkin to take home at the end. The other was a local festival where you could where a costume if you wanted . David wanted to. So we dressed up David in Zach in hand me down costumes from cousins Joey and Jacki. Thanks guys! Of course, David had his face painted. Then our neighbors showed up with Matthew, David's best friend. They had a great time on the fire truck and ambulance. We can't wait until Halloween!! Things are getting "Spooky" around here!! BOO !

Saturday, October 20, 2007

GO REBELS GO !!! JOEY # 76 !

Joey, # 76, is at Tascosa High playing football. He is AWESOME ! Of course, (I - Jennie) am partial as this is my high school !!! Way to go Joey for great football games!! We love watching you and we are sooo proud of you! And "Uncle" Dillon too (as David says). GO REBS GO ! Oh, and thanks to Jeff for wearing the Rebels tshirt. Never thought I'd see the day........seeing as how Jeff is a grad of Amarillo High, Tascosa's main enemy !!! What is that last picture? A trantula !! It was in the parking lot after the football game. And David LOVED IT !

Fall trip to Amarillo and Colorado

So we took a long needed vacation to Amarillo. We spent several glorious days at home, then went up to Colorado to visit the Ford side of the family and to get some trout fishing in, of course. David rode his Go Diego Go scooter at Grammies. Lookin cool. Our trip to Colorado was full of fishing, fun, family and football. There are a few fun pictures of us at the hotel pool in Colorado Springs. David loves the water almost as much as mommy! We rode a train to Pikes Peak. Fun, cold and .....oh, did I mention altitude sickness for mommy. Oh, well. David ate a pretzel and drank hot chocolate and was in heaven! We stopped off at a fun place called "The North Pole" for David to ride a few rides and see Christmas 24/7. We just had a super duper time. Thanks to everyone for such a great time.

the "End" of fun at the pool

Check out that white bottom and a great tan line !! So the end of summer brings the "end" of fun at the pool. Here are a few pics of David and his best friend, Matthew. Zachy and Matt are looking good too!. Jessica and Tommy are Matthew's mom and brother. Great friends and great fun at the pool . We'll miss you pool. See ya next summer!