Monday, March 31, 2008


OK. I realize that there are a BUNCH of pictures and videos to watch below. It is much better to put them on here one or maybe two at a time so as to not overwhelm our viewing population. But here is my excuse other than being crazy busy here. Our digital camera is broken! Everyone of these pictures comes from our cell phones! It is a painstaking process to download each picture, one at a time. So, there you have it. My excuse. And yes, we are going to buy a new digital camera- ASAP. So, thought I would just put this little "disclaimer" note to try to save myself. Enjoy the pics!.....Jennie

Happy Easter 2008

Happy Easter 2008
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The Easter Bunny visited the Olson house! There were eggs hidden in all sorts of fun places. Lots of candy was found (and eaten), and baskets were explored! Gerianne was here with us to celebrate Easter. YIPPEE !! Zachy played with plastic eggs and David read his new books. What a great day! The boys had their picture made with the Easter Bunny a few weeks ago. Don't they look handsome? Happy Easter from the Olson house.

A Day In The Life of Zachy

A typical day for Zach: Wake up with a smile, look incredibly cute, coo and talk alot. Followed by a diaper change and lots of kisses from Mommy, Daddy and David. A few more smiles and laughs, then down to the kitchen for some breakfast- usually oatmeal (see evidence on face) and fruit and a bottle. Watch a little baby Einstein flick to stimulate the brain. Talk alot, smile alot, more kisses. Upstairs to playroom. Don cute hats and clothes, more smiles and some giggles and just play and put stuff in mouth CONSTANTLY. Off to bed for a nap. The rest of the day is pretty much a repeat- food, fun, naps, kisses and hugs, brotherly love, playing and putting stuff in mouth. Wow, what a life. Isn't he a cute little guy? Getting bigger and cuter by the minute

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Olson VS Gulde Bowling Challenge

Notice the scores. Bottom row. Yup. That is a score of 100. Bowled by David. Awesome for only the 2nd time bowling. Bumpers up, of course. So we called Uncle Matt, Aunt Sally , Francis and George, and Uncle Matt said, "the challenge is on". They plan to go bowling, bumpers up, and try to match the score. Good luck, Gulde family. Olson VS Gulde Bowling Challenge is officially on.

MOVIE: Wipeout !

WIPEOUT ! from Olson on Vimeo.

MOVIE: David Ski's Again !

David SKI'S again ! from Olson on Vimeo.

Skiing Fun Part 2

Skiing Fun Part 2
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Here are some great pics from our 2nd ski trip. David was a trooper. Just put those skis on and down the hill he went. Zachy was a trooper too! He went to the daycare and made new friends and everyone said they think he is the "cutest baby ever". We agree! David met "Powder", the ski bear. Powder said hello while we were skiing, then found us on a lunch break! David told Powder all about his skiing ability and Powder gave David a really cool purple necklace! David polished off a pizza and back to the slopes we went. Zachy was happy to see us at the end of the day. We got in the car to head for home and both boys were asleep in less than 5 minutes. Now that is a successful day.

Friday, March 07, 2008

David on Skis! WHAT?

David on Skiis! WHAT?
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Liberty Mountain skiing in Pennsylvania. 1 1/2 hours from our house. Oh my gosh! We took David skiing. At first, our plan was to let Daddy ski, and Buddy and Mommy would go on the tube slide. Zachy was having fun in the daycare. Well, a couple of tube slides down the hill and David decided it "was too slow and boring". He announced he wanted to "do that" as he pointed to the skiiers whizzing by. So after a hungry boy devoured a big slice of pizza, we went to get the skis and sign up with a teacher. Mr. Spike. David's ski instructor. Great guy. Took Buddy right up the hill on the lift and along with Daddy, wheeeeeee ! Down the hill with no fear. HE LOVED IT !!! Oh my gosh, the kid loves to ski! He had a few spills but popped right up and went going. Our camera broke, so no movie, but we are going back again. WAY TO GO DAVID! You are a great skiier!

MOVIE: David's First Time on Rollerskates!

David's First Time on Skates ! from Olson on Vimeo.

Flips, Swings, Jumps and Roller Derby

More fun with our friends. We went to a gymnastics place that let us play on all the equipment. Mommy even did a back flip on the trampoline! Sorry, no pics of that.
Zachy was using his genetics (ha) and started climbing over the beam, balancing himself, and even standing for a second or two! David and Margie flipped, jumped into foam pits, bounced on the tramp, walked on the beam..... What fun. That Margie is quite a gymnast! And David was fantastic! We hit the roller rink for some crazy skating fun. Once again, Mom put herself at injury risk, and put on skates! Oh my gosh, that is fun!.....Memories of years ago..... David had NEVER skated, but he was great! And Margie learned to skate backwards! Great, great fun!

Strikes , Spares and Puppies!

One of our fun days with Kiki and Margie included David's first time to go bowling. He and Margie were both quite the bowlers! David's favorite ball was the neon orange. He and Margie played several games and Zachy was a happy onlooker. Then off to the pet store we went. We played with 2 really cute puppies. Zachy loved them! He giggled and laughed as they tried to chew on his car seat. David wore his gloves to keep those sharp little puppy teeth from biting him! Kiki was brave and got a bunny rabbit out of the cage for David and Margie to hold. It was so cute! Not cute enough to take home though. HA. What a fun day!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Visit from Kiki and Margie (aka Mo Mo)

Our dear friends, Kiki and Margie, came to visit. All the way from Tyrone, Georgia! YIPEE !! We were SO SO SO happy to have them here. And Zachy got to meet them for the first time! We played and laughed and crammed in every activity that we could. Kiki made us her famous chocolate cookies, which disappeared rapidly! Thank you guys for coming! We miss you so much and hope to see you again really soon!!!!! We love you!