Thursday, September 13, 2007

Fishing Trip to Michigan

Fishing Trip to Michigan
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Here are some fun shots of David with Pop Pop and Daddy on their fishing trip in Michigan. The "boys only" trip consisted of a cool cabin, paddleboating, fishing, a super cool playground with a big yellow slide, a new puppy named "Dolly" and lots of laughs, smiles, hugs and kisses! Oh, and in case we didn't mention it enough, LOTS OF FISHING !!!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Olson Summer- Part 4- Beginning of August

August......more heat and more fun. Aunt Terri came from Amarillo to visit us. We had so much fun! It was too short of a trip!. Of course we spent time at the pool, but we also did some other fun things. The highlight of her visit was our trip to Annapolis, Maryland. We took a boat ride out to a light house. David sported his new green sailor's hat and loved the big ships. He even got to hang out with the captain of the ship at the front of the boat. Then, we went to Buddy's Crabs (just so happened to be next door to Zachary's jewelers. HA!) We ate all you can eat crabs. Check out David's awesome crab hat! We even made it home w/ 4 new crab hammers and a Buddy's t shirt for our Buddy. Thanks for coming Aunt Terri! Please come back soon!

August also brought Daddy's work picnic. We only stayed a little while, as it was too hot outside for Zach. Just wanted you all to see David in his awesome Scooby Doo outfit. He LOVES anything Scooby right now. Looking good Scooby!

Olson Summer- Part 3- End of July

July brought us HEAT and travels. And lots of swim time. Mommy, Zachy and David took a trip to Amarillo. Zachy's first plane ride. We spent nearly every day at "Aunt" Terri's pool. Cousins Jacki and Joey even went with us. Thanks to Aunt Terri for all the swim lessons. David came home a great swimmer! We hung out a Grammie's house with Uncle Hunkie and Aunt Jerry, worked in Grammies flowerbeds and David and Jacki spent lots of fun time at "Jump -n-Jive". BOUNCE BOUNCE ! The kids were ready to get back home to Daddy, as you can see in the last few pictures. Everyone was tired too. I got a couple of pics of the boys napping. Great way to end July.......stay tuned for more!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Olson Summer- Part 2- Beginning of July

Happy 4th from the Red White and Blue gang. We all dressed up in our patriotic outfits to celebrate the 4th. Jeff, Denise, Joey, Jacki and Grammie were still here visiting, so we celbrated PART of the holiday with them. They all took off to the Big Apple, NYC, to see a Broadway show !!! The Olson's packed it up and went over to visit our friends, the Triola's (Margaret is Jennie's super duper friend), and we celebrated with fireworks and yummy food. You can see David laughing at the loud fireworks. He thought they were great but then got "too loud !!!" So he went back in the house to play. We finished up the week with family and carousel rides at the mall. Zachy, of course, got tons of hugs, kisses, cuddles and love from everyone. He's a loveable little guy!

David has been learning to swim. He has a really great friend whose name is, of course, Matthew. His mommy is Jessica and the baby brother is Thomas. We have spent nearly every day and weekend at the pool. David got his mom's genes when it comes to water. He's a FISH!. Here are some pictures of David and his friend, Matthew at the local pool. WE LOVE THE WATER !!!

Olson Summer Part I - End of June

Ok, I finally got around to posting pictures. We've been BUSY around here!. So June, of course, brought us little Zachy. But we also celebrated David's 3rd birthday. TWICE !! We celebrated on June 10th, his actual birthday. Thanks to some serious present wrapping, set up and hard work by Aunt Sally and Grammie. Then at David's request, we had a "Backyardigans Party" with Uncle Jeff, Aunt Denise, Joey, Jackie and Grammie. They were all visiting as Jacki was here for the Junior National Youth Leadership Conference. Way to go Jacki!! We had so much fun! Jacki was a big help with Zachary and David. Grammie and David worked diligently on keeping Mommy's flowers and tomato plant alive. The boys did some serious fishing! What a great way to finish up June, a busy month here in the Olson household. Stay tuned for more summer pictures!