Thursday, October 19, 2006

Albuquerque Balloon Fest with the Guldes!!!

We spent a wonderful morning in Albuquerque with the Guldes (Jennie's Fam.) at the annual balloon fest. It is the largest international ballon fest in the nation! INCREDIBLE. We drove from Santa Fe to Albuquerque on Friday night, did a little swimming with
"O Jeff" and Jacki. David calls "Uncle Jeff, O Jeff". FUN FUN! Then we got up at 4:30 in the morning to head out to see the balloons. Rain caused a delay, but up up up went most of the balloons!! What a great time! Thanks, Guldes, for sharing this SUPER COOL day with us!!!! We had a BLAST !!!

Santa Fe, New Mexico and longtime friends

Here is Mom/ Grammie, with some longtime friends from Amarillo that now live in Santa Fe, NM. Bud and Jeanne Reitman. They helped us surprise Mom on our quick trip to Santa Fe.

Mesa Verde, Colorado

Mesa Verde, Colorado
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Mesa Verde, Colorado. Should be one of the wonders of the world. Hard to believe people LIVED and SURVIVED here! Go to to get information and pictures. This is definitely worth the drive! You can actually tour down in the caverns. We opted out, as it was too cold and would make for a FULL day. We did climb around on a few little ruins. Probably not supposed to actually CLIMB on them, but................... Worth seeing!


Here is the movie of David catching his very first fish. He calls them "swish".

David Catches His First Fish ! on Vimeo

David Catches His First Fish ! (and other fishing pictures too!)

Here are some great shots of David and Daddy and all their fishing expeditions. Does your Micky Mouse fishing pole look as good as Davids?

First Fishing Instructions from Daddy

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ALL ABOARD! Train to Silverton is Approaching!

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Here's a few more pics of David with the big train! There are a few more scenery pictures too.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Silverton and Durango Colorado Trip with Grammie

We spent a glorious week on vacation with Grammie. We drove to Durango Colorado in one day. We boarded the Silverton / Durango steam engine train the next morning and took a beautiful 3 hour ride up the mountain to Silverton Colorado. The scenery was incredible! After taking a nap in our hotel room that was built in 1802, we walked the tiny town to find a restaurant. We BARELY missed the brief ice storm that hit! It came and went and the sun was out! We toured the town more and even found a little grocery store! We went to bed early, then arose, packed our bags and went to eat a yummy breakfast at a little cafe. CHECK OUT THE PICTURES OF DAVID'S PANCAKE !! After shopping around, a quick fishing excursion by daddy and David, and taking a few pictures, we loaded up and headed back down the mountain for a 3 hour ride to Durango. We drank hot chocolate, caught a few zzzzz's and enjoyed the scenery. Check out our movies of the train ride!

Jennie's 20 year Tascosa High School Reunion

20 years! Wow! Came and went in a flash. Though there are only a couple of pictures of us, I put all of these on here anyway. What a great time we had. I can't believe I hesitated at the idea of going! Tascosa won by a landslide at the football game, the get togethers were fun, (though we stayed out WAY TOO LATE)! Thanks to Grammie and Jacki for watching David. Though finding out about the loss of one of my dear friends was a sad moment, overall, the entire weekend was spectacular. Favorite moments? Showing off my hunk of a husband and our beautiful son to all my friends, and getting escorted to the football game by my Tascosa High School freshman attendee nephew, Joey.................Can't believe that either!
Sure am looking forward to the next reunion!

Stretching Lessons from Aunt Sarah

Aunt Sarah came to visit ! YIPPEE! She does her stretching and yoga daily. After exercising and stretching with Aunt Sarah, David has learned few moves. One day, he quietly went to his room and rolled out his own stretching mat. He came and got me, and proclaimed that he was "stretching". Then, he went into his closet, tried to put on his Superman shoes (that are too small), then climbed on the side of the crib proclaiming, "I'm Superman!". If stretching makes you feel like you are superman, I"M STARTING TOMORROW !!! WE love you Aunt Sarah! Thanks for making us feel like SUPERMAN !!!

The Olson Farm

The Olson Farm
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We spent Labor Day weekend with Aunt Sarah and Rick at the Olson Farm. It was mostly a cold and rainy weekend, but we had a wonderful time. Matt and Rick did some SERIOUS BBQing, David played and had fun with Aunt Sarah and Rick, and Jennie did the overseeing of the major antique furniture sorting. The beagles got some much needed rest. HA. The farm is a fun, beautiful place, with so many memories for the Olson family.