Thursday, April 24, 2008

Take Your Kid To Work Day

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David got a taste of the real world this week. Thursday was ‘take your kid to work day.' David was so excited; he made sure I got him up to catch the bus, but he was clear that he didn't want to take the "early bus." He insisted on wearing an appropriate color: camouflage. He also had to take a big swig of joe before he was off to the grind.

Everyone loved David at work. He quickly made friends with the daughter of one of my co-workers. Mom and Zach came up later for arts and crafts in the courtyard. Unfortunately, we have no pictures of anything past us boarding the bus. Apparently, our enemies could potentially exploit the images of the arts and crafts, and David coloring at our meeting table. So, David may be a little non-committal about what he actually did on Thursday. He could tell you, but...

Saturday, April 19, 2008

MOVIE: David's First Soccer Practice

MOVIE: David's First Soccer Practice from Olson on Vimeo.

David First Soccer Practice

He is growing up so fast ! We can't believe that we just sat through our little man's first soccer practice. Time goes by fast. We remember laughing about how much fun we would have, going to David's sports events as he got older. Now, here we are, soccer. Looks like the little man got some of the athletic gene from his mommy. He's a natural! We think we had just as much fun watching as he did playing! Many more pictures to come during the summer and the actual season in the fall. WOW ! First soccer, then school, then ... who knows?, but we can't wait to find out!. Thanks to Zachy for being a great boy during big brother's practice. Way to go, DAVID !