Monday, April 06, 2009

Happy Birthday Grammie!

I went to Colorado to tie up loose ends prior to our move. I had great time with our dear friends, the Kane family. And I'm indebted to Kiki FOREVER, for all the hospitality and transportation to and fro! Thanks! Mom's 74th bday was also on this same weekend. I love Southwest Airlines for the fact that it is $49.00 to fly from Denver to Amarillo. So I bought a ticket to surprise mom for her bday. Gerianne picked me up at the airport and we stopped by Matt and Sally's to see if little Gulde was soon to arrive. Nope. Little turkey! Then off to mom's. She was DEFINITELY surprised! We spent the next 2 days celebrating. Lunch at the Plaza where Joey, my handsome nephew (and the host at the Plaza), was just getting off of work. A great lunch we had along with the sombraro happy birthday to mom. Jacki, Gerianne and I went shopping and we ate dinner with Matt and Sally the next day. We had such a great time! So, Happy Birthday Grammie!

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