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Easter 2009

Easter 2009
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Ok, so there are pictures here that are almost exactly like one another. But I thought the boys looked so handsome, I couldn't choose which ones to not show. So you get to see them all. Thank you, Grammie, for the awesome shirts! And thank you, Easter Bunny, for too much candy! Zachy's new favorite word is "chocolate".
The Easter Bunny got to our house very early. He hid numerous eggs all over the house and the baskets were full of goodies. I think he even watched some of Daddy's fishing shows on the DVR ! After the egg hunt, we talked about the true meaning of Easter, read David's new books, DAVID AND GOLIATH and JOSEPH AND HIS COAT..., and we discussed what we are truely celebrating. David was very happy to hear the Jesus had risen again. He does not like the stories about Jesus dying on the cross. He is so sweet and innocent.....
Then after a busy morning, we loaded up and went to the Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey circus! It was only 3 minutes from our house! What a great time. We went for the preshow and got to meet some of the cast. Though blurry, some of the elephant pics were taken by David! Great job! Zach loved the elephants and our favorite thing by far was the family of motorcross bike riders that rode in the big metal ball at crazy speeds! All 7 of them at one time!
We had a great Easter this year. Hope you did too!

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