Monday, March 16, 2009

Grime, slime, tadpoles and a tree frog!

We are lucky to have a really cool nature center about 10 minutes from our house. David's preschool teacher takes the group at least once a month to a program that the center has. Today's program was primarily tromping around in ankle deep mud, netting anything that crawls, swims or jumps around the different "water holes", catching frogs and adopting tadpoles. Zachy and Mommy decided to accompany Buddy and his class on this wild adventure. With Zach in the backpack and with the a total of three 4 year olds, off we went on a muddy adventure. You will see here that David caught a tree frog. He was very excited. So were the other 15 or 20 kids that saw him net it. It was awesome! Zach said "look, look at the frog!" We got VERY muddy but fortunately we dressed for the fun. David and Zach loved the tadpoles and David got to be one of the "assistants" by carrying a big bucket of the tadpoles out for all to see. We DID NOT adopt any of those little guys. ( I reminded David we would be moving soon an wouldn't want to abandon our little friends.) Mud, dirt, grime and slime were the items of the day. Fun was had by all! We are looking forward to finding a nature center somewhere close to us in Colorado!

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